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The Coaching Experience

"The most important thing that I want you to know is that you matter. I want you to know who you are and know exactly what you have to offer the world. May you live with knowledge of your life's work, thrive in the beautiful possibilities of yourself, and fulfill your life's mission. The future is counting on you. The experience of you is  necessary."


~ Jeannette

Let's share safe space & have heart-to-heart discussions that will support you to...

  • DISCOVER & BE the greatest expression of yourself.

  • CREATE the experiences that you yearn for.

  • LIVE a life of intention that honors who you are.

  • RECEIVE the opportunity to explore yourself & grow. 


Through sacred life coaching, you will become more practiced in the Art of Reverence and the Art of Expression so that you are able to hold yourself in the highest regard and live a life that allows you to show up intentionally, freely and honestly.  Coaching is a tool of support and accountability that enables you to make progress in any area of your life that you desire to advance. It's beyond just talking - it's collaboration and work that brings forth change.  Become more grounded. Receive the opportunity to fall in love with your life story and feel excited about your next chapters. Dig deep and gain understanding of what makes you divinely unique and why you matter to the world.  Explore what brings you peace and joy. Feel the pleasure of living in your power and creating the experiences that you want to exist in your life.  

Jeannette Turner


My prayer for you is that you are able to see how amazingly divine your own personal story is, even if there is never a movie or a book to capture it.

Certified life & spiritual coach, lover of words & stories, heart-centered, purpose-inspired, and Magical.


Humans and their stories are fascinating to me. I believe that each of us have something to offer. Knowing & understanding what that something is makes all the difference in how we show up in the world – the difference between wandering aimlessly as a victim of life, or maneuvering confidently with a sense of purpose. Some are clueless, while others are aware of their magic and simply don’t know how to fully operate in it.


Through coaching, I want to support an encouraging & nourishing journey of exploration and discovery that honors you and promotes the ultimate loving experience with yourself. 

My philosophy is that when we are more practiced in what I call the Art of Reverence & the Art of Expression, we are more empowered to live in the height of ourselves, and we feel more useful to the world. When we are grounded, can hold ourselves in high regard, and feel comfortable with honest expression, we have a better foundation to launch an advancement from dreamers to doers. 


It is my absolute pleasure to serve you and bear witness to your life adventure. As a coach, my job is to assist you with leaning into your own wisdom and trusting that it will lead you to the greatest parts of yourself. I want your spirit to be satisfied, I want your dreams to bloom & experience life, and I want to see you thrive and live your life on purpose. It's my dream and honor to serve you! 

Jeannette Turner | Sacred Life Coach
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