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Magical Life Package

Unpack your magic. Take a deep dive into self-exploration through eleven 1:1 sessions. This package is a guided experience designed to support you in practicing a lifestyle that is intentional and honors who you are. Discover what you have to offer the world and why you are necessary. Let's collaborate to create a life that aligns with your desires and dreams. Let's work towards living a life that feels satisfying & meaningful.

Package includes: 

  • 10 paid sessions, plus 1 free session

  • personalized affirmations recording 

  • personalized quote on 14x11 hanging canvas

Magical Life Package

Deep Listening Call

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard and seen. This 30-minute phone call is all about you having a safe place to be heard. Empty your thoughts out. You decide what is discussed. No coaching is involved. No therapy involved. Enjoy red carpet treatment - a moment in time designated for your voice.

Deep Listenin
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